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Best Pilates Temecula 2015
Studio S Pilates has been voted best Pilates studio in Temecula for the past 4 years.

Studio S Pilates is a private, boutique, classical Pilates studio.  There is only one kind of Pilates….the kind that came from Joe and Clara Pilates. There are other varieties out there, fusions and combinations and exercises done on Pilates apparatus, so the word Pilates is thrown about a bit, but here at Studio S Pilates the classical version is taught on classical apparatus.

Here at Studio S Pilates in Temecula we stay as close to the original intentions of Joseph Pilates as possible, so your workout will always be specific to you.

Sunni is a comprehensively trained classical Pilates teacher, she has been teaching for nearly 20 years, and remains a student studying with the most gifted and solidly trained classical teachers. She also holds educational workshops at Studio S Pilates and shares the Pilates wealth as it were. You are invited to call for a free consultation, to see if Pilates, Sunni and Studio S Pilates are a fit for you. Bring your questions and open mind and a willingness to feel better.
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