Studio S Pilates is THE education hub for Pilates Teachers here in the Temecula Valley and the Inland Empire. We host the most amazing and gifted teachers, and invite you regardless of teacher training roots. So, stay tuned for the upcoming 2017 workshops, and hope to see you either in person of virtually by Skype, and don’t forget, there will also be videos of most of the workshops. They are just like being here, raw and unedited, bloopers and all.

Bring your questions and be prepared to move. Don’t want to travel? No problem, the workshops will be available by Skype and maybe even video if at all possible.

For more information as the workshops unfold, please call, text or follow along on the Studio S Pilates FB page, sign up for our newsletter.

PILATES PEOPLE: Join the Going More Joe Facebook discussion group. This is about going more towards classical, when you’ve spent your previous Pilates years being more contemporary. There will be lots of free information. A more concise guide to learning more of the classical work and how to teach and use the whole studio. Upcoming workout and event will be announced in this Facebook group.

New Workshop: Connections & Transitions – March 25, 2017 from 9am -5pm, $250

Karen Frischmann and Andrea Maida

They go together like Peas n Carrots.The exercises developed by Joseph Pilates are connected to each other by skill sets and series, but where else in the studio can you also do an exercise, or get the skill set needed to advance your client. OR where instead can you take your client that might be a more appropriate place for them as they venture on their Pilates journey?
Transitions link the exercises together seamlessly with practice, gifting you the efficiency of movement achievement badge ;))
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New Workshop: Connections by Karen Frischmann – March 25, 2017 from 9am – Noon $125

This workshop explores the connections among exercises that make Pilates a cohesive method rather than a random collection of exercises. Learn techniques to analyze the movements, how to
distill them to their essence, and discover the power of the “exercise families.” By the end of the workshop you will have the tools to help you chose appropriate exercises to assist your clients in mastering the advanced repertoire, to correct imbalances and challenge their weaknesses

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New Workshop: Transitions by Andrea Maida – March 25, 2017 from 1-5ish $175 (Mat & Reformer)

A word about the purpose of transitions: connection!
You’ll connect each exercise to the next.
Moreover, you’ll keep the workout going. Your connection to your center will be enhanced by your transitions.
Keep your workout seamless and challenging

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There is an incredible workshop line up at Studio S Pilates in 2017. As usual, I will always offer Skype options and a Private Video link for those whom travel is not an option, but your sofa or studio is ;)) every attendee ALWAYS gets the video regardless of whether or not you are here in person or Skype. Remember the videos are only up temporarily (2 months) They are not downloadable or copyable or for resale by anyone other than the presenter. They are RAW footage of the workshop, there will be bloopers and bad shots, but no words are missed ;)) So essentially if you were here, you get to take the workshop as many times as you like without spending another dime.



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